Fronting - Are you at risk?

What is Fronting?
Fronting is when someone insures a car in their own name on behalf of another driver, who is often younger and less experienced.

They claim to be the main user of the vehicle when in fact the younger driver is actually the main user. It is often done by parents on behalf of their children or other less experienced drivers in an attempt to save money.

Saving money on car insurance in this case can come at a very high price

This is a Fraudulent Practice!!

Insurers are going through their motor polices to look for cases of Fronting. As this is an illegal practice these policies will be cancelled. This would be classed as fraudulent behaviour and can result in a criminal conviction

What if I take the risk and get caught?

Making a claim on a fronted policy could result in your claim being rejected. Though your insurer would legally have to pay out for any third parties involved it could refuse to pay out for your damage or costs.

Fronting is a type of insurance fraud which is illegal and means you or the main user of the car could find themselves in court. A criminal conviction could affect applications for all types of insurance and any future credit applications you may submit.

Please advise if you are at risk of policy cancellation

Although fronting is illegal, adding other drivers to your policy is not, and in certain circumstances this could actually cut the cost of your insurance.

Please contact a member of our motor team to see how you can get the best cover for the best price.

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