Food Safety Closure

If your business serves food then we are delighted to bring a brand new product to the market for you. Our policy provides cover if your business is inspected by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland and then issued with a closure or enforcement order.

Businesses have been closed down by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland for a variety of reasons such as

- Inadequate Pest Control
- No running hot water
- Poor Hygiene
- Water Contamination

We will provide cover for the following:

- Clean-up costs
- Loss in revenue (Business Interruption, no physical damage required)
- Consultant and advisor expenses

In the event of an incident Policy Holders have 24/7 priority access to Response XL Catlin consultants through the policy emergency hot line.

This product is underwritten by AXA XL through XL Insurance Company SE. Catlin Insurance Company (UK) Ltd is rated A (Stable) with A.M. Best and A+ (Positive) with S&P.

Premiums start at a very affordable €200 plus 5% levy for limit of indemnity of €75,000.

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