7 Reasons to use an Insurance Broker

These days there are many ways to purchase insurance including buying directly with an insurance company, your banks or building societies. However, using an Insurance Broker’s expertise may help you make the best informed decision. The following 7 reasons will help you understand why “cutting out the middle man” could result in a client being overcharged or worse, under insured.


An Insurance Broker has full access to the insurance marketplace and can therefore offer consumer choice – a one stop shop if you like.

Best Price/Best Cover

Value for money comes down to more than price when picking an insurance provider and while the broker may get the lowest price, their focus will be on true value for money – benefits to the client.


An Insurance Broker is not biased towards or against any particular provider and will therefore pick the best option for the client – Every time!

Professional Advice

An Insurance Broker will offer a consumer a Statement of Suitability document outlining all the options available to him/her and the reason why they are recommending one particular policy over another.


An Insurance Broker is interested in building customer loyalty and long term relationships with his/her clients. They will spend time getting to know and understand their clients in order to provide long term satisfaction and service.

Claims Service

In this most important area of all, which deals with the key reason for the purchase of the product in the first instance, an insurance broker will guide the consumer through the claims process and effectively manage the claim on the client’s behalf, taking away the burden and stress of claims handling from the consumer.


An insurance broker communicates in layman’s language i.e. insurance by nature is a jargon filled world and confusing for many. By dealing with an insurance broker you should clearly understand all the risks that exist and the choices available to you to reduce or eliminate any risks.

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